Our Emerging Being & the Fearlessful Soul

Like cells mytosing, we humans are evolving into a greater organism of our very own.

Giant leaps... leaping from societies of fire into a global dynamic powered by electricity... leaping from abstract fresh baby through to wise old person... leaping from the earth to the stars.

How does it happen?

Consciousness fitting into new molds. Leaps of faith or of understanding or both? Or more? Quantum leaps? Nutritional leaps? Neuronal leaps?

We will come to peace when we know what part of the organism we are a part of and essential to.

We will start to be full of care when we realize our health depends on the whole health, the bigger health.

We will take responsibility for the energies we attract and presence we project.

Different religions may actually be a fight for directions to define what mold the emergent being will seek.
The changing momentum of emergence, like labor pains in birth, are heralded throughout religious history:
Some call it (almost sexually): the second coming.
Some imagine themselves reborn onto giant lilypads, dining upon grapes under starlit women.
Some see a spiral of reincarnating beings trying to evolve to higher selves.
Others see an apocalypse of humanity (though it has never been clear whether it includes all living beings.)
Some see zillions of personalized paradises.
Some see a single pulsing white-hot sea of love.
Some see a reunion with all their riches & properties forever theirs.
Others see transcendence from physical materialism into sheer spiritual ismlessism.
The battle is on and the competition is fierce, hungry for adherent souls.

The whole quest may be moot-
It is a distraction from the only reality proven to us all:
the breath of now, now and now again and again now...
For me, the real question and answer remain here on earth, now in this life.
How do you want to live now? Do you want to survive amidst violent pollution?
Or do you want live within simple love & pure joy?
What are you going to do to get there?

Daily tips:
- Fear neither others nor yourself. Resonate and elevate.
- Watch where your bullshit is leading people, or better yet: where it is leading you (mosquito bureaucrats spreading viruses thru fly-shit paper for power pushers.)
- As Annie Sprinkle says: Breathe. Say yes to bliss. Ask where are our monuments to happiness.
- Act responsibly towards all life, enjoy the harvest of the cycles we ride, the waves we surf and the tides we create.

I think we get the picture now. We are getting far too numerous and divided to continue as such, we must orgasm as one to create a fully activated & empowered world being.

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