On the forgiveness of violence

forGiveness should be the last resort, not violence. violence should not be a resort, it should be a horrible, twisted, decadent thing that should be avoided at all costs. and yet it is here, it exists on all levels - physical, mental, spiritual, societal, global - operating in self-rationalizing systems. like addiction. and like an addiction, it requires maintenance. lower the stress by letting it out, letting it in. but we must let it go through without letting it cut us too much. and forgive it as it runs away, to hide under a big heavy rock, or a book, or a whisper that is heard by the desperate.
in forgiveness, lies the action. in violence, lies the stillness of the aftermath- the reckoning reaction.
i fOrgive, i forget but i will recognize you if you resurface. the curse is binding unto it's own aptitude for self-destruction. violence is worse than a fire that can't be put out. it burns not only through matter, but also through human history and earth history ( not sure yet if they are completely integratable histories though my mind is not broad enough to see the inter-workings of our cosmic web of atom-weaving.) So through time would this fire burst an ozone whole through our souls. forgiveness mends with an enlightened thread - healing and renewal.
my soUl asked me: are you feeling good? happy?
i honestly answered: so-so.
soon i hope to say: so so good.
and forget to remember, though i coulD if i had to.

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