Happy New Number 201102

numerical alchemy
music of the spheres
yearly incantations of renewal

a looking glass year
as two jumps into the whole
and splits into ones
ones bounce off each other
and become impregnated with potential too

one winter to another
the purity and terrible beauty of life at a standstill
momentum lulled and colors buried deep
we wish you tenderness

one spring and another
eyes and leaves open and shut and finally...blooms exploding to seed
the wheel revs up, colors alight and stick to the surface
may you humm with fresh energies

one summer so another
the complicity of heat, sharing of fullness
the apex critical with buzzing, beings plump with desire
this wish is for us, you and us, somehow somewhere, celebrating and cerebrating and coeurelating together

one fall to the next
resuming movement, gaining speed and vision
the harvesting of mature dreams, the raking of old and faded ones
we wish you the strength and solace of understanding

one to one to one to one
two to one to one
two to one to two
to me and we and us and you

the dance of the cycles spirals on
may the flow be with you


sandrajane said...

loved it!Great photos and words.xx

Ron said...


Sean said...

coeurelating always, yes.

Anonymous said...

Hello Serafine, I am not sure if you are the daughter of my friend Catheine Milinaire. She discovered me as a young dancer at the Royal Ballet school for a photo shoot for Queen magazine. We lived in the same building in New York, I knew you as a baby. I lost contact with Catherine when I left NYC in 1979. I really miss her. If you are her daughter, can you please put us back in touch.
Email: iboulting@me.com
Hope this finds you well and happy,
Thank you, Ingrid

Traveler said...

have i found u after so many years?
a whistling spirit thru the streets of westwood
dropping wine bottles outside the Wiskey, waiting to hear Cofe?
Indian dance, writing all the moves
Do u still have those renderings?
dit-dit day-o?
i sang of talks about the universe and transcribing.
u showed me a clockface ur dad had made
and u cried after ur dance
let not this life pass without further contact