Love Gun

I shoot all my love out to our world tonight and every night as long as I live. You feel me?

Let's set hard hearts to fire, melting above our burning compassion.
How much suffering? How much horror is echoing back to us.

Do we really think we can shoot others in other countries with impunity?
There is no escape for the firestorm of karmic actions we have let float by under our very noses. And we will be blown about.
Biblic indeed when children murder children, again and again.

How do we stop it?
They had the right idea in Newtown, by gathering
and singing and loving each other so much more.
Only by loving and caring for our children will we be able to stop
the future from crumbling.

The child in me is speaking to the child in you.

You know I reach out to you because I love and trust you.
Let's spread the positive vibrations quick!!!!!
Choose the love.
The time for the gun is past.

Be a part of history by forgiving,
starting afresh without losing roots or heads.

The spring will soon be coursing through our blood
and the darkest night of the year, moonless and long,
will incubate with our love and be born
with light pouring out of her ears.

The brain of a love child is scientifically proven
to emit low levels of gamma rays,
otherwise known as love tickles~~~~

sleep with the lions
dance with snakes
pray with the mantis
love with the wolves
do whatever love asks you to


And with that, good night. No... Good Love.
Cheers to the world we birth! Love her already. Love him already.
Here it comes....

No really just kidding. Not about the love though :)

Last winter, I took this picture at about the same time of year. 
We were roadtripping with my son and dear friend Leti.
We stopped at an out of season hotel on the edge of a vast marsh,
the sun, the herons, the horses all reflected in this light.
The new light of the new year.

****************************************** *************************************
7777777777777777777777777777777   \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\


Anonymous said...

Beautifully powerful xx

Manuel Elviro Vidal said...

Love gun a ráfagas!